There's 4 places to get raw vegan food and snacks in Ojai, CA. Why Ojai? We go down there for workshops regularly and love the little town feel in the valley, with beautiful mountains all around! Our latest trip offered the following goodies, as far as food goes.
First you have Hip Vegan Cafe. This place offers a menu of healthy vegan / raw vegan options with outdoor seating.

I love their salads, date shakes, walnut burgers, onion bread, and their seed pate. I don't want to forget that delicious brownie either!
Marinated greens, seaweed, onion bread, avo...
Michael, Ronit and owner, Rick
Raw cacao date shake, yum!
Then there's Rainbow Bridge natural grocery store. They bring in some prepackaged raw vegan meals from Euphoria Loves Raw and Back to Life restaurants in Los Angeles regularly. 
We called ahead and asked them to buy extras for us and they even brought some coconut jerky for us! 

They also have a juice bar. I ordered two 16 ounce green juices every morning for breakfast, a little pricey but it got my day off to a great start. They have raw snacks, too - be prepared to pay a little more than usual.
Third is The Farmer and the Cook. This place uses their own produce for their food and they have ONE raw vegan option on their menu; raw tacos. They happen to be quite good.
Lastly, you can go to Raw Food World's warehouse and get 13% off regular prices if you pay in cash, 10% off with a credit card. They have all kinds of raw nuts and seeds, berries, raw chocolates, kale chips, etc. We always end up coming home with more than we thought we'd get, but it's always enjoyed!

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